New iMOBA 2022 APK

New iMOBA 2022

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New iMOBA 2022
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Playing your favorite online game by utilizing its resources has always been a dream for every mediocre player. However, most online gamers prefer third-party Apps like New iMoba 2022 to manipulate Mobile Legends. Instead of investing your money, you can get each premium feature free. Moreover, most clever gamers know the tricks & hacks offered by prominent Apps, and that’s why plenty of gamers are attracted to such manipulative Apps.

Moreover, many Android applications claim to provide immense ML resources, but very few are productive like Bangmamet. We bring the most rewarding Apps after thorough research. Feel free to download the provided Apps & games available on our site. 

Most manipulating Apps stop working when MLBB brings its latest update. Whereas New iMoba 2022 also brings the update parallel with the official game. That’s why it is an error-free application. So bookmark this page if you want to stay tuned with the App’s latest updates. Furthermore, there are other alternative Apps that you may have used before, such as Han Esports Injector, NBS Reborn, etc.

Furthermore, the App is loaded with spectacular cheats, including ML Effects, Backgrounds, Drone Views, New ML Skins, Emotes, Maps, etc. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity to elevate your gaming competence in Mobile Legends.

About New iMoba 2022 APK

As New iMoba 2022 is the new year’s present for all MLBB players around the globe. Also, the developer has added more exciting new features, which will attract more gamers to the game. Furthermore, this App will encourage you to apply various elements in the game, including the premium ones. In other words, it will make the whole game like a piece of cake. So, if you are obsessed with renowned ML heroes, download the latest App on your Android device and discover new electrifying features of Mobile Legends.

These applications also have similar specifications compared with the available application. Despite this, these Apps are considered among the top Apps to manipulate your favorite online game. Mobile Legends is not an easy game, and most noobs give up after facing a few defeats. If you are also facing similar troubles, we suggest you download New iMoba 2022 and rule the whole multiple islands in MLBB.

Features of New iMOBA 2022

When the latest version of the New iMOBA 2022 comes, the previous version stops working. If you don’t want to disturb your game, stay tuned to for the latest updates. Moreover, the App is loaded with spectacular tricks & cheats that are enough for you to win on the unknown island. Some of its overwhelming features are as follows:

Unlock ML Skins

  • Skin Painted: You can avail 84+ Painted Skins for various ML heroes.
  • Anime/Custom: 32+ Anime Skins are achievable for different characters.
  • MLBB Skin: Get all Premium Skins free for Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Support, etc.
  • Upgrade Skin: You can Upgrade Skin to Skin for more than 6 ML characters.

Unlock ML Effects

  • 23+ Recall Effects
  • 18+ Elimination
  • 24+Respawn
  • 13+ Notification

More Menu

  • Custom Analogs
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Drone View
  • Unlock Custom Maps
  • Custom Music Background
  • Background Themes
  • Custom Intro & Loading
  • Battle Emotes
  • Custom Analogs
  • Fix All Bugs
  • Improved User Interface
  • Easily accessible Apk file
  • More New Hacks & Cheats
  • And many more.

Is it Safe to Use New IMOBA 2022?

New MOBA 2022 is a third-party Android App that manipulates Mobile Legends to unlock premium gaming resources for free. At some points, it violates ML policies, and that’s why we can call it a legal App. However, players can fulfil their requirements with the help of this stunning APK package. If you are still concerned about your account’s safety, we suggest you to use other than your personal accounts.

What’s New in New iMOBA?

As the stunning APK brings exciting things in its latest versions, some of its newly added items are as follows: 

  • Work Android 8-11 & 12
  • Add New Skin Masha S23
  • Add Upgrade Skin
  • Masha to all Skin
  • Aldous Epic to all Skin
  • Badang Special to all Skin
  • Perbaikan Skin & Upgrade
  • Fix all Bug Pink
  • Perbaikan Performa APK


After thorough research, we have concluded that New iMoba 2022 is the only App that provides immense features for free. According to the developer, the App is entirely secure, and your account’s information is encrypted end to end. If you are still not satisfied, we suggest using a virtual private network (VPN) to keep additional precautionary measures while using the App.

It will eliminate your chances of being identified by Moonton authorities. But still, the ML authorities reserve the right to ban your account when you are caught. Therefore, we suggest you use the App smartly and not use multiple cheats simultaneously.

September 19, 2023