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Undoubtedly, third-party Apps like Han ESports Injector have made Mobile Legends Bang Bang a very uncomplicated game. They offer you multiple cheats to unlock your desired ML gaming resources. There are dozens of manipulating Apps already out there, but a few are worth using. However, our main priority is to deliver the best injecting tool for you with whom you can access premium ML features for free. Most ML gamers hesitate to spend their money to gain ML diamonds or points to access advanced weapons. Therefore, the available injector is the best option they should go with. We suggest you don’t spend your precious time & money on malfunctioning Apps. Instead of that, download the given latest patcher and discover unique gaming tricks. 

Beginners manage to clear the initial levels of Mobile Legends but get stuck in the advanced levels of the game. One of the primary reasons for their defeat is the lack of modern gaming types of equipment, and that’s why Han ESports Injector is fully equipped with the necessary features that every gamer requires. Now, it’s a common trend to apply external sources to exploit MLBB, but the point is to utilize the most efficient and effective Android application. It’s awful for gamers to use only limited gaming items, but now you are free to use any of your favourite gaming attributes without paying anything. Do check different categories of injectors 2022 from our site including, Helios Injector, Bellara Blrx, and various free Apps.

About Han ESports Injector Apk

Are you still facing consecutive defeats by pro-gamers? If so, feely Download Han ESports Injector, a stunning third-party App that works smoothly on all Android devices. Moreover, you can unlock Maps, Drone View, Recalls, ML Skins, Backgrounds, Analog, etc. It’s an all-in-one app with which you can modify the whole game according to your requirements. Furthermore, incompetent gamers are highly encouraged to try this spectacular application and improve their rankings in the game. Indeed, the App is loaded with exciting and unique cheats, which prove helpful while battling enemies. While thousands of players have already used this injector tool, they also got various benefits. 

Furthermore, you can apply high graphics to your game even if you have a low-end device. The App is specially developed to run on all devices with inspiring performance smoothly. Han ESports V99 also offers you a blue background facility that brings confidence to gamers. In this article, we’ve mentioned almost all the attributes of this injector. If satisfied, you can grab the APK file by clicking the green Download button. 

Features of Han ESports Injector V99

Bundle of thanks to the developer who has added some spectacular latest items in the Han V99. No doubt you will rule the whole MLBB by using all the latest collection of features. You can also ask for your desired game items by approaching the developer directly. 

Unlock Skin

All Skin MLBB

  • Gusion
  • Hayabusa
  • Helcurt
  • Ling
  • Lancelot
  • Fanny
  • Selena
  • And many more

Upgrade Skin

  • TANK Upgrade: Johnson, Epic, Transformer, Lightborn, Star, Tigreal, Special, Kufra, etc.
  • Fighter Upgrade: Backup, k.o.f, Alucard, Aldous, etc., 
  • ASSASSIN Upgrade: Lancelot, ling, etc.
  • MARKSMAN Upgrade: Granger, Collector, Elit, Han, Yss Star, etc.
  • MAGE Upgrade: Virus, s.t.u.n, Zodiac, Thunder Flash, Water Lily, Change, etc. 
  • SUPPORT Upgrade: Floryn, Mathilda, Angela, etc. 

Music Lobby

  • Backup Music
  • Tokyo Revenger
  • Naruto Shippuden Ost3
  • Black Clover
  • Naruto Blue Bird
  • NEFEX Best of Me
  • Music in Game kanan Kiri


  • Backup

More Menu

  • Custom Background
  • Loading Video
  • Elimination
  • Respawn


  • Normal Recall
  • Replace Recall
  • Han 

Han ESports Injector Password

You are no longer required to remember specific passwords for Han ESports V99. Just download the latest Android App and start manipulating your favourite game without facing any errors.

What’s New in Han V99?

One of the best things about this injector is it brings the latest features in the upcoming versions. As MLBB brings its update, at the same time, Han V99 also brings its update parallelly. Some of its recently added things are as follows:

  • Dorothy Venom Cobra
  • Balmond Star
  • Brody Collector
  • Alpha Epic Revamp
  • Bane Edit
  • Diggie Epic Fairytale
  • Upgrade Alucard Lightborn
  • Upgrade Zilong
  • Bruno
  • Add Hero Diggie
  • Add Hero Carmilla
  • Upgrade All Skin FIX & ADD
  • Request Skin comment on YouTube

Is it Safe to Use Han ESports on Android?

Han ESports Injector is a third-party App whose work may violate MLBB policies. It unlocks premium ML features for free by manipulating the whole game, and that’s why it is not a legal App. However, the developer has ensured the improved anti-ban system. Besides, we suggest you try a virtual private network (VPN) while applying numerous cheats to your game. 

Final Words

Today, we’ve found an excellent App for you to exploit mobile Legends. Yes! Han ESports Injector gives you complete freedom to apply numerous cheats in your game. However, the Anti-Ban feature will secure your account from being banned. But if you are looking for additional security, we suggest you try a virtual private network while using the App. Now, you can get the APK file of this injector tool free of cost. Besides all, explore various games, mods, and tools from our site.

June 4, 2023