Is stumble guys on switch latest

Is Stumble Guys on Switch?

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Fans of the Nintendo Switch have something exciting to look forward to as the hugely popular “Stumble Guys” prepares to make its way onto the platform. This engaging party battle Royale title has captured the hearts of over 50 million players each month, and its arrival on the Switch is highly anticipated.

With upcoming releases on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, “Stumble Guys” will feature cross-progression and crossplay functionality, connecting the game’s dedicated community of “Stumblers” around the world, no matter where they choose to play, with one universal account across all devices. “Stumble Guys” has already made a splash in the console world with its Xbox release, where it quickly climbed the ranks to become the number one free game since its introduction in January.

With plans to expand to the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, the game is set to broaden its community. The addition of cross-progression and cross-play features means that players will be able to maintain a single account across multiple devices, allowing for seamless play whether they’re at home or out and about.

Naz Amarchi-Cuevas, Senior Vice President & General Manager at Scopely, expressed the team’s dedication to enhancing the player experience by introducing “Stumble Guys” to their preferred gaming platforms. The move to the Nintendo Switch aims to make the game more accessible and to invite new players into the fold.

Stumble Guys on Nintendo Switch 2024

“Stumble Guys” stands out for its easy-to-grasp yet competitive gameplay, and it’s continually updated with fresh content and challenges. Players are regularly treated to new content updates that introduce different ways to overcome the game’s obstacles, including on-foot racing, vehicle-based navigation, and an intense First-Person mode.

The game thrives on its community-centric approach, with large tournaments and events frequently organized by prominent content creators. Moreover, players have the freedom to set up their custom games and enjoy the action with friends. The recent launch of the “Stumble Workshop” has further engaged the community, giving players the ability to craft and share their own levels.


For those eager to dive into the action on the Nintendo Switch, pre-registration is available on the official “Stumble Guys” website. Early registrants will be rewarded with exclusive items to enhance their gaming experience from the get-go. Prepare yourself to the action where player face various obstacles to reach the end point.