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Permanent Skin Injector
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The permanent Skin Injector is the most sophisticated Android tool loaded with the latest ml skins for prominent characters. If you do not want to buy the features from the official sources, download this App and unlock the attributes in Mobile Legends without cost. If you are a fan of Mobile Legends, get this superfine package and make your game even more enjoyable. Besides, players without external tools get eliminated from the battleground very early. Nowadays, it’s becoming a common trend to cheat in famous MOBA games like MLBB. 

At the game’s beginning, each player must select a hero. Each hero has specific attributes and skills. Typically, a few freemium skins are available for mediocre players, but you can get access to the premium one with the New ML Skin Injector 2023. In addition, you can apply various cheats and hacks in the game without any restrictions. However, you can get the latest APK file from APKOhm without making any formal agreement.  

Furthermore, all of its offers are 100% free, so you don’t need to spend your precious money. The core objective behind developing this App is to help the ml players, whether they are beginners or experienced. With the help of a Permanent Skin Injector, the overall game would become just like a cake. Moreover, you can also check, ARK Injector, and various ML Injectors 2023.

What is a Permanent Skin Injector?

If you are a beginner in Mobile Legends and trying your best but still getting zero results, then you are the one who needs the latest ml skin injector. The overall game would become a bit easier when you have an appropriate Android tool like Permanent Skin Injector 2023. However, it manipulates the game, so you must be careful while using it. The game officials reserve the right to suspend your account when they catch you using it. We have suggested some safety measurements in this article. You should check them all. However, it won’t permit you to use any cheats in the game but will minimize the risks.

Features of Permanent Skin Injector

Getting your desired in-game attributes boosts your stamina to face the pro players. Since you have landed on the right site, enrich yourself with the premium features. Don’t worry about the latest update. We frequently add the new version of the skin injector, parallel with the Mobile Legends.


There are dozens of premium skins for the following characters. Just tap on your desired one, and a bunch of results will show you. 

  • MAGE
  • TANK

Other Skins

  • NEW MLBB SKINS: Chou, Fanny, Barith, Brody, Alice, Gusioin, Hylos, Roger, etc. 
  • UPGRADE SKINS: Paquito, Selena, Lunox, Clint, etc. 
  • PAINTED SKINS: Aldous, Estes, Hayabusa, Irithel, etc.
  • ANIME SKINS: X Naruto, X Rock Lee, X Boruto, X Sakura, etc. 


  • Elimination
  • Recall
  • Respawn

Menu Other

  • All bugs are fix
  • Drone Views
  • Free Maps
  • Skin to Skin
  • Emote
  • Spawn
  • Recall
  • Ultra Graphics Mode
  • Enemy Lag
  • Auto Mythic

If you are a newbie in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, then, believe me, you can conquer the whole game with this incredible ml injector 2023. Although the game is not a child’s play, when you play the game in a typical way, you will face many hurdles. Besides all, you won’t even survive on the ml battlefield. However, you can still avail the Permanent Skin Injector and kill the bloodthirsty enemies without fear.

Is it Safe to Use ML Skin Injector 2023?

It’s not 100% safe to use on Android devices. However, you can adopt some safety precautions to eliminate the risks. The injectors work against the game policies so that the officials can ban your account. However, the following steps will help you to play the game safely.

  • Avoid applying multiple cheats at once. 
  • Please don’t use it on your primary ID.
  • You can also hide your identity by applying a virtual private network (VPN).
  • Try to be careful while using the hacks.

Final Thoughts on Permanent Skin Injector

Finally, you can attain the fully working skin tool for Mobile Legends. The newest ml skin hack is also known as Permanent Skin Injector. Download & install the APK on your Android device, don’t forget to activate unknown sources. If you want more similar Apps or Games from ApkOhm then stay tuned with us. We don’t charge anything for our exclusive services, Thanks!

September 19, 2023