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Official Rizeyt APK

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Official Rizeyt
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Are you looking for an alternate version of Mobile Legends to access the paid features? If yes, then you have landed at the prime site. Finally, the updated version of the Official Rizeyt Mod APK is launched. Undoubtedly it is the most awaited App for MLBB lovers. It is loaded with spectacular ml items. Another delicate thing about this mod is its services are 100% free. In other words, it makes the whole game into child’s play. Players can get their desired gaming attributes and use awesome cheats without investing. 

However, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is among the top MOBA games of the current era. The game is known for its unique gameplay, graphics, maps, and many other benefits. In addition, players can easily unlock the free packages, but the premium ones require money for usage. To solve this query, you must download the Official Rizeyt MLBB gameplay is chronically fabulous and famous in the online gaming world. Initially, match-making will take approximately 10 seconds. After that, you must fight with the enemies for 10 minutes. At last, the ones who survive would be awarded victorious. 

It also boosts individuals fighting skills to compete with the pro players. The latest version of Official Rizeyt has many new features, uplifting their confidence level. When equipped with effective weapons, killing enemies won’t be a tough job. Moreover, players can unlock ml cheats like ESP Box, Drone View, ESP Line, New ML Skins, and many more. 

Furthermore, various cheats & hacks are also attainable through the available stunning mod menu. Everyone can’t afford to buy expensive game packages from the ml stores. After analyzing such circumstances, the developer brought the multi-tasking tool. In short, it’s a free ticket to become a pro player. Some alternatives are also attainable like Venz Mod ML, Surina Moz, and many other ML MODs are attainable freely from our site.

Official Rizeyt Mod APK Details

Lots of gamers are fed-up with the irritating limitations of Mobile Legends. It is the main reason they search for an alternative where they can play the game beyond limits. Are you also complaining about such issues? Then download Official Rizeyt Mod APK 2022, and start eliminating the bloodthirsty enemies. In addition, it is the most responsive application that works smoothly on low-end devices. So, don’t panic if you have an averages Android device. Those players who lost the last hope of getting the victory must try this mod menu at least once. 

Avail this golden opportunity and count yourself among the professional gamers. However, there are dozens of Apps already out there in the market. But, the majority of them don’t deliver what they claim. So, please avoid using double-dealing Apps. They could be harmful to you as well. Instead of that, use Official Rizeyt V33.0. Bundle of thanks to the optimistic creators of this stunning APK.

Features of Official Rizeyt Mod APK

When unlocking in-game features, Official Rizeyt Latest has earned a respected reputation. The creators have even focused on the tiny elements of the game. In short, it presents all the ml items for free. The best part is it doesn’t require any credits for its wonderful services. Enrich yourself with the trending features of MLBB. Check the items in the following lines:

  • FrameRate Menu: FPS Settings from 0 to 120.
  • ESP RedDot: from 0 to 10.
  • Network Boost:
  • ESP Menu: esp line, esp box,
  • ESP Health: off, horizontal, vertical.
  • Show Menu: player name, hero name, show cooldown, distance.
  • 360 Menu: 360 hero name, 360 distance. 
  • Camera Menu: auto drone 3x, auto drone 6x, drone horizontal from 0 to 30. 
  • Aim Menu: aim lock.
  • Target Priority: closest distance, lowest health.
  • Range FOV: from 0 to 50.
  • Battle Menu: info room, icon minimap, bar enemy, monster jungle, fix blink.
  • Custom Menu: unlock all spells, Emblem all unlock.
  • Attack Speed: from 0 to 20.
  • Move Speed: from 0 to 10.
  • Setting Menu: self x-200, self y-200, enemy y-200
  • Box Width: from 0 to 70.
  • Box Height: from 0 to 100.

Official Rizeyt Mod Unlock all ML Skins

Every ML player wishes to use the epic skins on their favorite characters. However, when they check the prices, they lose hope. As the fees are too high, an ordinary players won’t afford to buy their favorite gaming items. However, you can use the premium skin for free using the official MLBB Skin Mod APK. You can use skins like Aldous, Peony Bloom, Gusion, Miya, Kagura, Selena, Lenox, etc. In addition, no need to add any payment methods.

Further Benefits of Official Rizeyt Mod APK Latest Version

Additionally, it has remarkable characteristics necessary for any mediocre player to improve their game. The more menus are as follows:

  • No Ads
  • Lightweight Application
  • Simple UI
  • Encrypted with a Password
  • No registration process
  • More powerful characters are added
  • Fully functional on all average Android devices.
  • Attain the free APK file
  • And many more.

Official Rizeyt Password

The new MLBB Mod Menu is encrypted end-to-end with a password. So don’t panic about the security concerns. If you still have doubts about security, check the precaution steps already given in this article. Put the following password to run the application.

Safety Precautions

To play in the safe zone, avoid using your primary ID. Plus, don’t apply multiple cheats at once. It alarms the game officials. When they know about your suspicious activity, they instantly reserve the right to suspend your entire account. Try to be careful while using this modified version of the Mobile Legends.


Already we have shown the advantages of Official Rizeyt Mod 2022. Our work is to deliver accurate information about the respected APK. Now, it’s all up to you whether you get it. Plus, it is the recommended Mod APK by many professional players. In addition, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to approach us in the comment section. We love to respond to our viewers as early as we can.

April 29, 2023